Installation proposal

Installation “The Bridge” is represented by a fragile rope bridge suspended over the exhibition space from wall to wall. The ropes and strings are tied in a way that resembles the appearance of New York City bridges. The height of the bridge walkway is about one meter or 32 inches. The walkway floor consists of real letters, old mailing envelopes, family photographs, along the side of the walkway there are computer printouts of the e-mails and text messages attached to the rope by clothes pins as hanging tags. The viewer can see that at some point the ropes supporting the walkway broke apart revealing a gap. The letters, envelopes, and photos have fallen through the gap and are scattered on the floor, the fragile connection between people ends its existence here. The technological progress creates newer, faster, more practical ways in communication but at the same time takes away from us important ties with our past and our history. Despite the progress, the generation gap increases as people grow up with different experiences, which make it harder for them to understand each other. For me this installation is an investigation of the fragile, delicate connection and bond between people within their generations, past and present.