Minute of power

Installation statement

Project was designed to take place at the private open space at Rublevka. This is an unofficial name of a prestigious residential area west of Moscow Russia. The name is derived from the name of Rublyovskoye shosse. The residences of many Government officials and successful businesspeople are located along Rublevka. Real estate prices there are some of the highest in the world.

The project Minute of Power is an interactive installation inviting viewers to stand on top of a watchtower to observe their surroundings through the scope a rifle. In this work I investigate how the experience of handling or actually using firearms impacts human personality. The gun on top of a watchtower becomes a symbol of power and one’s desire to get to a level above others. On the floor level the watchtower is surrounded by painted boards displaying images of figures in history and society who achieved power, money, fame or success. Some of the images on the boards have cut out faces so viewers can put their heads inside to experience for a minute being a different personality, being in power, or having fame and success.