Recent works

Ever-evolving and impossible to grasp the concept of self presents an intrinsic conflict of expressing it in a visual object locked in space and time. I chose to work analytically uninhibited, letting my media – a rope, a bowl of pasta or a ball of twine (Ariadne) unwind, hoping to help me find a way back to that place of stillness where my work bares me into existence.

My recent works express my fascination with the script but not as a mere carrier of information. I perceive and approach it as an entity. While working on it I witness an immergence of primordial script with a strongly pronounced quality of form. This form is reminiscent of one of an animated object. That turns my creative process into sculpting rather than writing. My script is sculpted not written.

It now shares features of both abstract and very concrete thing .And if so an inquiry arrives: where is its existential domain?
Meaningless it seems to possess a profound knowledge of physical and nonphysical. It holds a metaphysical key to the realm beyond our reality…It is a mysterious matrix for all the info that will someday be written by somebody and everybody.

After all, a work of art is not what the author create as an object; in reality, a work of art is an object within which the person who is now able to execute this work is created. In other words the work produces the authors of the works, that is, from the mysterious depths of the human “I” they extract what the person in himself did not suspect and what he could not have become without the artwork, without object